Short Story for Kids: A Friend for Little Goat

Little Goat does not really like going to school. The school is so big, and Little Goat is so little. But he discovers that friends make school a happier place.

Written by Sudeshna Shome Ghosh / Illustrated by Aratrika Choudhury / Published by Pratham Books

Little Goat is ready for school. His coat is nice and shiny. His hair is neatly oiled and combed.

When he reaches school, he holds Baba Goat’s hand tightly.

“The school is so big! I keep getting lost,” he whispers to Baba Goat.

“Don’t worry,” says Baba Goat. “There are so many goats like you here. You will have fun.”

But Little Goat is worried about the big goats with their curly horns.

Timidly, he walks to his class. Billu Ma’am tells them to stand in a line and sing the Goat Song.

“Maa Maa Maango

Baa Baa Baambooo

Paa Paa Paapaayaa

Nee Nee Neeemboo”

Little Goat really likes the song. But he can’t remember all the words, so he makes up his own.

“Maa Maa Mammaaa

Baa Baa Babbaa

Paa Paa Pappaaa

Nee Nee Neat and Cleeeen”

Little Goat sings loudly and clearly. He keeps singing even when the others have stopped.

“No no! You must not make your own words! Stop singing!” Billu Ma’am scolds Little Goat.

She sends him to the corner.

“Ha! Ha!” The other goats laugh at him.

After some time, it’s Games period. “Jump!” Hoppy Ma’am, the P.T. teacher, tells them.

Little Goat sees a line of ants. Where could they be going? He starts crawling behind the ants.

“No crawling!” Hoppy Ma’am scolds.

“Ha! Ha!” The other goats laugh at him.

Little Goat is sad. At lunch time, no one sits with him or talks to him.

Plop plop! Tears fall into his lunch of freshly cut green grass, making it salty.

That evening, Little Goat tells Ma all about singing the Goat Song and Games period.

Ma comforts Little Goat. “You made up a lovely song! You crawled so quietly!”

She hugs him and gives him an extra kiss before he sleeps.

Next day, Little Goat is careful to sing the song correctly.

During the Games period, he remembers to jump and does not crawl.

Then, it is Art period. “Draw straight lines and wavy lines!” Dotty Ma’am tells the class.

Little Goat spots a colourful butterfly with black and red lines and dots on its wings. Little Goat draws the butterfly instead.

Dotty Ma’am is not happy. “Little Goat, I told you to draw only straight and wavy lines! Why did you draw a butterfly?” she scolds.

“Ha! Ha!” The other goats laugh at him.

That day at lunch time, Little Goat sits alone again and eats his cucumbers.

Suddenly, a small voice speaks near him. “Will you teach me how to draw a boat?”

It’s Piggy Piglet from the pig class. She’s littler than Little Goat.

“I don’t know how to draw a boat,” says Little Goat.

“Oh, but everyone says you drew a boat in class today,” snuffles Piggy.

“It was a butterfly,” Little Goat tells her.

Piggy looks at him with such big eyes that Little Goat starts to draw in the dust.

Soon Little Goat has drawn a butterfly, a boat and a tree. Piggy gathers some fallen leaves and flowers and adds them to the picture.

“Let us pretend we are in a garden!” Piggy suggests.

“I know a new song!” Little Goat bursts out. They jump around and sing a Goat and Pig Song.

After school, Little Goat tells Ma all about his new friend.

“Will you give me some extra crunchy apple peels to take for Piggy tomorrow?” Little Goat pleads.

“Of course!” Ma promises.

That night, Little Goat falls asleep quickly. In his dream, he sees Piggy and all the big goats with curly horns dancing in a garden.

“Jump, hop, skip, KICK!

Let’s all say a loud ‘Maaaa!’

Jump, hop, skip, KICK!

Let’s all say a soft ‘Baaa!’

Jump hop skip. . .”

Right up front Little Goat is the leader of this new dance. He sighs and happily dreams some more.

(Published with permission from Pratham Books.)

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